Electrical system for VOLVO XC90 (01.2005-12.2014) 5DR D5 2.4L AWD (DIESEL) (01.2011-12.2014)

  • Region: INDIA
  • Production year: 2011 - 2014
  • Engine type: D5244T18
  • Chassis type: TF-80SC AWD
  • Body type: SUV
  • (01.2011-12.2014)
Accessory Electronic Module (AEM)
Accessory USB-unit (AUU)
Adapter wiring steering gear
Aerial system traffic message channel module (TMC)
Amplifier (AUD)
Antenna system
Battery box and mounting parts EXC (CA), (JP), (US)
Battery cable
Bulb kit
Cable ducts engine compartment
Cable ducts engine compartment
Cable ducts passenger compartment
Cable harness cool box
Cable harness driver's door
Cable harness engine AUTO.TRANS DSL , D5244T18, TF-80SC AWD
Cable harness engine compartment component parts , D5244T18
Cable harness engine compartment DSL , D5244T18, R.H.D
Cable harness passenger compartment
Cable harness passenger compartment , R.H.D
Cable harness passenger compartment component parts , R.H.D
Cable harness passenger compartment component parts , R.H.D
Cable harness rear bumper
Cable harness rear door
Cable harness roof with sunroof S.R
Cable harness roof without sunroof W/O S.R
Cable harness tailgate
Cable harness tunnel digital TV
Central electronic module (CEM)
Chiller box
Combined instrument km/h DSL , D5244T18
Combined instrument mph DSL , D5244T18
Connector 1-4 POLE female
Connector 1-4 POLE male
Connector 13- POLE female
Connector 13- POLE male
Connector 5-8 POLE female
Connector 5-8 POLE male
Connector 9-12 POLE female
Connector 9-12 POLE male
Connector cable harness passenger compartment/engine compartment For connecting engine compartment and engine cable harness to control module.
Connector control module airbag
Connector Multi Pole female
Connector Multi Pole male
Cradle iPod accessory
Digital TV
Driving lamps with mounting bracket
Fog lamp
Generator (ac) 140A DSL , D5244T18
Generator (ac) 160A DSL , D5244T18
Glow plug DSL , D5244T18
Ground lead engine compartment
Handsfree Bluetooth
Handsfree entry level Base performance , R.H.D
Handsfree entry level High performance & Premium sound , R.H.D
Handsfree UNIVERSAL , R.H.D
Headlights active gas discharge lamp L.H.T , R.H.D
Headlights L.H.T , R.H.D
Headlights L.H.T , R.H.D
Horn and mounting
Infotainment control module (ICM)
Lighting inner S.R Grey=CODE XX7X, Oak=CODE XX8X.
Lighting inner W/O S.R Grey=CODE XX7X, Oak=CODE XX8X.
Lighting rear CH Planned 628377-
Loudspeaker K514, Audio Performance, 4 speakers
Loudspeaker K516, Audio Performance, 8 speakers
Loudspeaker K517, Audio Premium Sound, 12 speakers
Media player (IAM)
Mobile telephone accessory
Mobile telephone bluetooth
Mobile telephone TELEFIXED
Mobile telephone Volvo on call
Multimedia module (MMM)
Park assist camera rear (JP)
Park assist camera rear EXC (JP)
Park assist front
Park assist rear
Parking Clip
Parking lamps front
Portable GPS , R.H.D
Position sensor, headlamp levelling
Rear window wiper
Relay and fuse box cargo compartment (REM) Rear electronic module (REM).,2005-
Relay and fuse box engine compartment (EJB) CH 167187- Included in complete engine compartment cable harness.
Relay and fuse box passenger compartment (CEM)
Remote control key system 2004- (EU), (JP)
Remote control key system 2004- EXC (EU), (JP)
Repair kit coax
Repair kit fibre optic
Repair kit SRS
Repair kit USB
RSE ceiling mounted
RSE headrest
RSE headrest accessory
Sensor for indicator and warning systems , D5244T18
Software upgrade
Starter motor DSL , D5244T18
Steering wheel stalks , D5244T18
Switch doors
Switch other EXC (CA), (US)
Switch steering wheel
Washer equipment, front
Washer equipment, rear
Windshield wipers , R.H.D
Wiper and washer equipment, headlamps